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Langley, BC Canada

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The Gamemaster's Adventure Planner


This product is a bit different than the others in the Gamemaster Journal line, it does collect a bunch of useful forms for you to design adventures with, but it also works as a blank template modeled after most standard adventures.

The first section of the book includes forms for recording game sessions, outlining and planning events and encounters, as well as designing major locations.

The second section of the book is broken down like a standard adventure, with areas for the adventure background, introduction, and then each part of the adventure (4). It concludes with sections for your adventure NPCs and monsters, as well as maps.

We hope you enjoy this product and that you check out some of our other Gamemaster’s Journals 

PDF (lite) Version: This version is 26 pages long and includes a single copy of each form with no background and minimalistic design. Perfect for printing out as many copies as you want and including them in your own compilation.

PDF Version 2: This version includes the 144-page version of the print book.

Form-fillable files: Zip folder including each form as an individual pdf and form-fillable. 


This product is systemless and perfect for any gamemaster or worldbuilder.